spacebookingfor parties

We surely know how to make your special occasion / event, sparkle and shine. Whatever your party needs, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a birthday, kitty party, work night out or event celebration, we can provide unrivalled party experiences. Come celebrate with us!



The kitty party at its core – is a traditional women’s gathering in the home. However, the kitty party is expanding and changing today. It now plays a key role in building and solidifying business relationships and careers that expand beyond our communities. Locations, tastes and expectations of a kitty party are also changing, and we help our guests keep abreast of current trends in this unique social ritual.
Throw your kitty party with a comfortable space and unforgettable food. Our regional super star dishes or stylish Indian recipes help you dazzle your friends. Have fun planning your kitty party and enjoy it!



Celebrate your kid’s birthday with us! Let us give your child a birthday that will provide a memorable experience that includes food, soft drinks, juices, chocolates, muffins, pastries, shakes, the list is endless! See for yourself the excitement and non-stop fun when you celebrate a birthday with us!

Please reach us for space booking; for kitty parties, birthday parties or any special event